UAV real-time video link technology

Murphy Surveys invests in latest UAV real-time video link technology

We’re now offering a new way for our clients to leverage the power of UAV or drone for their projects by using a real-time video link to the UAV camera. The new link will bring our clients closer to the experience of controlling the UAV, deciding on the data acquired, and instantly viewing site conditions to make critical project decisions faster.

Uses of real-time video link technology

The video link uses a headset to allow our clients to be fully immersed in the field of view of the UAV camera, empowering them to instruct our fully licensed and trained UAV pilots to navigate the aircraft to areas which are of most interest to them. This is particularly useful for inspections of difficult to access assets such as bridges, structurally unstable or abandoned buildings, wind turbines, electricity pylons, coastal defenses, pier walls, chimney stacks, railway assets along the permanent way, landfills, telecommunications towers and other hazardous sites.
The equipment used is fully compatible with our existing aircraft fleet enabling seamless integration with no delay to flight preparation and execution.

Advantages for our clients

• Gives detailed insights into dangerous, hazardous or difficult to access sites in a safe and controlled environment
• More control and flexibility over the data that is captured during the flight
• Optimises the data capture process whereby only data required by the client is captured, making the process more efficient and quicker
• Allows our clients to view their site in real-time, ensuring they can see their data immediately during the flight and make more informed decisions quicker
• Enables us to target our client’s exact requirements and avoid the need for revisits
Murphy Surveys have invested in a fleet of modern UAV aircraft and trained pilots, and have established best practice workflows to offer a turnkey solution for efficiently capturing data through aerial survey/inspection.
The proliferation of UAV or drone use in the last few years has given a false sense of how straightforward it is to use the technology in-house. The reality is that modern equipment, trained pilots, processing skills, software and workflows around the process of applying for permits to fly are required to efficiently deliver results. In addition, companies may not have the volume of work to justify hiring dedicated UAV pilots to provide this service. The UAV real-time video link technology will add value by breaking down the barriers to adoption of this technology in the construction and asset management industry.
For more information about how UAV survey and the new video link can help support your project contact our team on 045 484 040 or

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