UAV Surveys / Drone Surveys

Murphy Surveys UAV Survey / Drone Survey department implements the latest in cutting edge technology in conjunction with a highly skilled team of personnel to enhance capabilities and deliverables for our clients.

This department fully integrate our services with the existing capabilities of Murphy Surveys meaning all required data and reports will now be available in one single location.

The UAV / Drone survey will act as an eye in the sky for our clients, opening more opportunities and delivering greater results than ever before.

Murphy Surveys UAV
Murphy UAV Surveys

Integrating UAV / Drone Technology

Murphy Surveys UAV Survey / Drone Survey department will integrate within the existing portfolio of services on offer from Murphy Surveys – that is across Surveying, BIM and Specialist Inspections with a focus on the Construction, Energy, Shipping and Oil & Gas Industries.


  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Conservation and Heritage surveys
  • Flood surveys
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Legal Mapping
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Rectified Photography
  • Topographic Surveys (Pre site analysis/survey)
  • Specialist Inspection Services
  • Solar Energy surveys

Reduce Risk

The capabilities of the UAV / Drone will ensure risk is greatly reduced on projects, its mobility means that it can access areas which may otherwise have been deemed too hazardous with traditional methods of inspections while also increasing safety.

Increase Productivity

With the ability to now inspect areas previously thought to be inaccessible, Murphy Surveys UAV Survey / Drone Survey team of experienced  pilots can now provide clients with greater coverage than every before. The UAV / Drone is a mass data capturing tool which can cover vast areas of land mass in a fraction of the time of traditional inspection methods, having the power to fly over 200Ha within 24hrs means our clients save time and costs.

How can Murphy Surveys UAV /Drone Survey department assist you?

The team are here to assist you across a range of projects:

Data Integration

Through the utilization of Murphy Surveys’ existing services from laser scanning to subsurface GPR, the technology behind our UAV and drones can overlay extracted data meaning clients get a full solution at once rather than dealing with multiple reports.

Structural State & Damage Identification Analysis

With the utilisation of the highest quality imaging cameras, we can capture sharp imagery to pick up even the finest of details.

General Visual Inspection (GVI)

Provision of a visual examination of either an interior or exterior area, undertaken to detect any obvious damages or irregularities. The GVI is conducted by a certified chartered structural engineer that will generate an inspection report.

Specialised Sensor Inspection

Murphy Surveys continual investment in the latest UAV / Drone technology to provide state of the art sensors means that today we can utilize:

• Thermal Imagery
• Hyperspec Imagery
• UAV LiDAR Imagery
• Oblique Imagery
• Specialized Sensor Inspection

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