Site Verification Services

Murphy Surveys have added Site Verification Services to our existing underground utility services package to incorporate ‘Survey Type A’ of the ‘PAS 128 Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location’ guidelines. Whilst non-invasive utility surveys give a high degree of confidence (>85%), we believe intrusive verification techniques are required to give close to 100% confidence on any given project.

By carrying out underground utility surveys and site verification surveys together in consultation with our clients, Murphy Surveys will offer the complete underground survey solution when in the design stage of any engineering or construction project. With this combined approach, utility surveys currently undertaken by Murphy Surveys can be verified on site using slit trenching or vacuum excavation procedures, thus reducing the element of risk.

Exposing the buried services prior to any site excavation dramatically reduces the possibility of utility damage on site, therefore making the project much safer during the construction stage and dramatically reducing any possible litigation risk.


Verification Procedures

  • Slit Trenching
  • Vacuum Excavation/ Potholing
  • Trial Pits

Utility Strikes

There were over 5800 utility strikes in the UK in 2013. The consequences of these strikes included not only the direct damage to infrastructure and/or injuries to nearby workers and the public, but also had a wider impact on the consumers of the damaged utility and the resultant disruption caused. Examples of these impacts include road closures for repairs, downtime for businesses and homes, environmental damage and the requirement of emergency resources.

Benefits of Site Verification

One Source

For site verification works on site, all the survey deliverables and reports are coming from one source with a high degree of quality and confidence.

Reduce Risk

The responsibility lies with Murphy Surveys to locate the buried utilities accurately.

Reduce Utility Damage

Site Verification reduces the huge risk of utility damage by contractors during the construction stage on any project.

Increased Confidence

Increases confidence at design stage of any project thus reducing cost and risk level.

Reduce Claims

It makes the project much safer during the construction stage thus reducing the risk of construction claims.

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