UAV Aerial Survey for Bord Gais Eireann

UAV Aerial Survey for Bord Gais Eireann

About This Project

Provision of aerial survey using an Unmanned Air Vehicle for proposed route of pipeline optimization in Limerick City. This project involved mapping a 7km route (900 Ha) using UAV technology to capture stereo aerial photography to produce outputs required for preliminary design.
The project was delivered with the required project timeframe with all deliverables meeting the project specification in terms of accuracy, completeness and client expectation.
The products provided to the client included the following:
-Ortho photography in tiled TIFF format with additional MapInfo TAB files – 5cm GSD
-5m DTM in CSV format – Accuracy +/80mm.
The survey method used by Murphy Surveys Ltd was in full compliance with Bord Gais’ specification for this project. The project objective was to provide high resolution ortho photographs and a 5m DTM that could be used for planning and preliminary design.

Efficiency Advantages of Survey Method and Procedures

The survey procedures detailed below were designed to provide survey deliverables and efficient procedures that enabled all survey deliverables to be submitted to the client within the project timeframes. The efficiency procedures were as follows:
•Comprehensive site appraisal and evaluation prior to crew start date with a particular emphasis on access.
•Weather conditions were monitored in advance to ensure that UAV was mobilized during a period of clear dry weather, thereby ensuring all works were carried out efficiently in one mobilization.
•The ground control team was sent to the site in advance to secure safe take-off and land areas. This also saved considerable time when our UAV team arrived to site to undertake the aerial survey.
•All data was downloaded daily and sent back to the office electronically to ensure data was not lost. This also enabled our teams to ensure they had full coverage of the site before de-mobilizing.
The survey and processing methods detailed above were designed to provide suitable data deliverables to the client whilst eliminating the need for site revisits caused by errors or omissions in the survey data.


Bord Gais Eireann

Survey Type

Aerial Survey
UAV Survey


1 year


7km route / 900 Ha

Equipment Used

Mavinci Sirius II
Canon EOS 500D 15.1 Mega Pixel
Leica GS15 + GPS/GLONASS RTK Rover
Trimble R6 VRS Rover with TSC 3
Leica TS15 Total Station


Case Studies, Surveying & UAV
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