UAV Roof Inspection Survey

UAV Roof Inspection Survey

About This Project

Based in central Dublin, our client, one of Ireland’s leading retailers recognised that it needed an inspection of it’s head office roof area, where there may be water ingress and maintenance required. The roof structure itself is very steep with some parts constructed of glass with no access by foot, either from the store itself or from neighbouring sites. So, after conducting a site visit and consulting with the client, the only method to safely and quickly conduct the roof survey was using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


Certification and permissions 

Our survey department has worked with the client in the past, delivering internal floor plans, floor levels and verifying the flatness of shop floors. The client decided to work with us for this project because we have both knowledgeable, fully certified pilots and the experience of conducting UAV surveys for customers in both the public and private sectors. Murphy Surveys complies fully with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) rules and regulations and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003 (Privacy). All of our teams are based in-house and we also supply the video production required to produce live drone position mapping during the flight.


Using UAV technology, we can collect survey grade data fast, efficiently and safely. A two-man highly experienced UAV team undertook the project – one remote pilot and one observer, which is required for security and safety reasons. All approvals for flying were managed and obtained by our team. The UAV itself has inbuilt redundancy with three autopilots, thus increasing safety. Our team surveyed the entire roof area as per the client’s requirement.


Identifying potential areas of damage

Through the UAV survey we assisted our client in identifying areas of damage where there was water ingress and maintenance needed. This data subsequently helped them to put in place a maintenance plan and preventative steps to ensure this damage doesn’t occur in the future. We generated an ortho-rectified image of the roof and supplied high resolution still image inspection photos. We also supplied a full HD 1080px post-edited video to give further detail to the client. During the survey we provided a live feed to the client, so they could direct us to specific points on the roof where they required additional images.



All survey data was acquired without any risk to our survey teams, the client or it’s customers. The store could operate normally whilst the survey was taking place, and there was no disruption to the day to day activity in the building. The UAV is ideal for projects with limited space for take-off and landing in built up areas such as central Dublin as images can be taken at various heights, uniformly and precisely. The project was completed on time and to budget allowing the client to move forward with the maintenance plan for the building.


One of Ireland’s largest retailers, with stores throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain and employing almost 15,000 people.



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UAV Roof Inspection Survey Video Survey


UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)


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