River Channel Survey for CFRAM

River Channel Survey for CFRAM

About This Project

The CFRAM programme is central to a long-term strategy for the reduction & management of flood risk in Ireland. Murphy Surveys was selected as one of the companies to undertake surveying for CFRAM – one of the largest river channel surveys undertaken in Europe. The project consists of over 43,000 river sections.
Methodology includes the collection of survey data & the assembly & analysis of meteorological, hydrological & tidal data (used to develop a suite of hydraulic computer models & flood maps). Surveys were undertaken in cross & long sections (x, y, z spatial coordinates) on river channels & banks, channel structures (bridges, weirs, sluices), & flood defenses.
CFRAM required the coordination of specialist hydrographic field survey teams working in challenging environmental conditions. Data was transferred to the office on a daily, where a team of CAD & GIS professionals managed & processed it for delivery. Murphy Surveys has successfully completed eight CFRAM contracts with an additional 15 infill contracts to date.


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Specialist Vehicles

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Client Testimonial

“Murphys Surveys Ltd have undertaken 3 major CFRAMS survey contracts for us, various infill survey contracts and completed defence surveys on our behalf. I wouldn’t have be happy unless Murphy Surveys Ltd were undertaking this work as I know the levels of planning from there management team always insure the projects run smoothly no matter how big or small. Furthermore to that, the survey crews on the ground collecting the data are second to none, they are not only extremely well trained, but knowledgeable as well, which gives us confidence in the survey data we receive.”
Ben Adair, Senior Technician – RPS


The Office of Public Works (OPW), National Catchment Flood Risk Assessment & Management (CFRAM)

Survey Type

Hydraulic Modelling
Data collection
Flood Mapping
Hydrographic Surveying
Flood Risk Reviews
Hydrology Analysis
Strategic Environmental Assessments
Flood Risk Management Options
Bathymetric Survey






54,000 km sq


Case Studies, Specialist Engineering
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