North Leixlip Railway Monitoring

North Leixlip Railway Monitoring

About This Project

Works comprised the drilling of a 120mm water pipeline under the railway near Leixlip, Ireland. Murphy Surveys’ task was to monitor the track 24/7 over three weeks of drilling and establish a two weeks baseline before and a closing out period after the works.

Murphy Surveys’ role was to install, record and adjust four control stations on site. We began with a traverse survey by total-station. This related to OSi Grid and Malin Head Datum using high accuracy GPS survey methods.

Murphy Surveys installed reflectors and took 0- readings. To install track monitoring reflectors and take 0- reading as required by Irish Rail specifications, it took one surveyor one day. There was 60 meters of track and 40 reflectors. One day on site and automatic readings reduces the cost of monitoring significantly.

Monitoring was 24/7 and included a twist and cant report to Irish Rail every day before 10am. Alarming triggered any broken levels.

Key Statistics
• 1 day install
• 60 meters of track
• 24/7 monitoring
• 40 reflectors
• Hourly reading


Terra Solutions Ltd Infrastructure improvement for confidential client

Survey Type





Automatic Total Station remotely controlled


6 weeks


Monitoring Solutions
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