Monitoring of the Luas Line in Dublin City Centre

Monitoring of the Luas Line in Dublin City Centre

About This Project

During a bulk excavation and installation of ground anchors of an existing pile wall, Murphy Surveys were contracted to develop and implement a new methodology to provide a noninvasive continuous monitoring system in order to monitor an existing embedded light rail track system. Three fully automatic AMS (Automatic Multi Station) monitoring systems were used to monitor continuously track movement on Mayor Street Upper in conjunction with vibration monitors, inclinometers and precise level observations.

Survey Requirements

  • Monitor settlement of LUAS Railway tracks and report and alarm on exceeding predicted safety limits on Twist and Cant parameters
  • Monitor vibration levels caused by bulk excavation and report and alarm on exceeding PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) levels in accordance with BS 5228-2:2009
    Monitor existing pile wall for deformation caused by bulk excavation and distressing of anchors of pile wall

Key Benefits


  • Reduced cost to monitoring project – No monitoring targets/prisms required even though 800+m of light rail being continuously monitored for duration of project
  • Data reliability – Murphy Surveys deal directly with infrastructure provider, TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland), on client’s behalf

Transport Infrastructure Ireland:

  • Innovation – A first of its kind for continuous monitoring of any embedded light rail infrastructure
  • Reliability and Redundancy – Reliable results backed up with redundant precise level measurements
  • Early Warning – Should a failure have occurred Murphy Surveys innovative solution would have provided all nominated parties with an immediate warning, prior to light rail entering failed zone, 24 hours per day, for the duration of the project

Dont just take our word for it…

“We recently engaged the services of Murphy Surveys Ltd to undertake live monitoring of the Luas Line on a project in Dublin City Centre. Due to the proximity of the Luas lines to the double basement excavation, a detailed methodology and monitoring proposal was required. Shane and his team developed a methodology and carried out AMS track monitoring, precise level surveying, inclinometer readings and vibration monitoring during the course of our works. Murphy Surveys completed this work to a high standard from start to finish and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Owen Stynes, Project Manager, Walls Construction


Walls Construction


Demolition, Construction, Infrastructure, Asset Protection

Survey Type

Instrumentation and Monitoring


4 Months

Project cost

[Circa] €100m+

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Michael Durnin
Head of Monitoring
+353 86 856 5795


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