Monitoring from Mylan to Irish Rail Line

Monitoring from Mylan to Irish Rail Line

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Walls Construction were involved in a project where a new retaining wall was to be constructed at the base of an embankment along the Irish Rail line in the Mylan facility in Baldoyle, Dublin.

The wall is 160m long and infringes into the Track Support Zone. The monitoring of the line was required before, during and after the works and was to be carried out to the Irish Rail Track Monitoring Standards.

The original monitoring design had asked for track monitoring using total station and 3D reflectors. Due to the nature of the site and no possibility to setup along the track outside the 3m protection zone, we discussed the use of tilt sensor track monitoring with Irish Rail. We installed control points and surveyed the track geometry with regards to twist and cant and also absolute position for the monitoring extents as required.

For data communication with our head office, a GPRS unit and solar panel were installed which connected the monitoring system to the internet. We then installed 71 tilt nodes on the end of the railway sleepers on the nearest railway line, at 3 meter interval spacing over a distance of more than 200m. This enabled us to monitor the deformation of the rails should such occur in real-time, 24 hours over seven days a week.

The monitoring software runs on our monitoring server in Kilcullen. We read each tilt node and gave them a unique name and location.

Over the whole project duration, monitoring data was recorded automatically and twist and cant was computed via software without manual input. There was no lag or delay in the data, which was available instantaneously. The data shows stable results and has an accuracy of 0.1mm on a 1.435m track beam length. Monitoring was removed at the end of the 15 week project.


Walls Construction for Irish Rail

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Digital Photo Camera, GPS kit, Total Station and Digital Level for control and surveying, Wireless Tilt Monitors, solar panel and cable.


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