Iarnród Éireann Bridge Scour Inspections

Iarnród Éireann Bridge Scour Inspections

About This Project

Murphy Surveys were required to carry out bridge scour and riverbed inspections of over 200 structures along the railway lines throughout Ireland. Our specialist inspection and hydrographic teams were required to establish the present condition of the substructure units.

Survey Requirements

• The inspections were carried out through touching and probing of all element of the structure, to a height of 1.0m above the highest water level
• A hydrographic riverbed survey extended up to 60m upstream and downstream of the structure
• The survey established the extent, size and location of any areas of scour
• All key dimensions were captured for the purpose of updating inventory data
• A detailed report was issued for each structure

Survey Specifications

All inspections were carried out to the standards required by the Highway Agency BD 63/07. The engineers and divers also followed guidance given in the ‘Guide to Inspection of Underwater Structures’ published in 2001 by the Institute of Structural Engineers. Each detailed report included a scour condition rating and a structure condition rating.

Each report submitted also included:
• A DCD culvert score card (Design, Condition and Deterioration rating)
• A photographic record of all substructure elements and defects identified
• A plan drawing – showing photo locations and defects

Key Points of Interest

• Particular attention was given to the state of the riverbed within the vicinity of the structure, locating any areas of scour and noting all associated defects
• The results of the inspection were recorded in such a way that the requirement for any further investigation or remedial works were defined
• All our team members hold a current PTS qualification

Client Testimonial

“Irish Rail has over 500 bridges that require underwater inspection and riverbed surveys. To date, Murphy Surveys have undertaken approximately 450 riverbed survey along with 280 underwater inspection for Irish Rail. We are very pleased with their underwater inspections, their riverbed surveys and the quality of their reporting. Keep up the good work!“
Cathal Bowe, Senior Engineer, Irish Rail


Iarnród Éireann is the Irish National Rail Network operator responsible for all urban, suburban and rural train and tram routes nationwide



Survey Type

Specialist Inspection
Hydrographic Surveys




Case Studies, Specialist Engineering
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