Iarnrod Eireann Aerial Lidar Survey

Iarnrod Eireann Aerial Lidar Survey

About This Project

Provision of aerial LIDAR mapping for entire operational and disused rail network. Approximately 3,600kms of lines surveyed. The survey was carried out to provide survey information for preliminary design purposes and embankment studies. In addition to acquiring and delivering survey data for this project Murphy Surveys also designed and built a Web GIS to enable Irish Rail users throughout the country to easily access the data using a conventional web browser.

The project was delivered with the required project time frame with all deliverables meeting the project specification in both terms of accuracy, completeness and client expectation.

The products provided to the client included the following;

• Classified laser data (13 classes) – Accuracy +/-80mm
• Ortho photography in ECW format with additional MapInfo TAB files – 5cm GSD
• Oblique photography- 5cm GSD.
• Topographic Mapping in DWG and DGN (break lines) – Accuracy +/80mm
• DTM as TIN model compatible with PLS CADD format- Accuracy +/80mm
• Contour lines in DGN, DWG and DXF format
• Obstacle data (overhead electric apparatus) compatible with PLS CADD format- Accuracy +/-80mm
• GIS outputs


Iarnrod Eireann

Survey Type

Aerial Lidar


1 year

Equipment Used

Eurocopter AS350 B or Bell Jetranger 206
IGI LiteMapper 5600
Leica GS15 + GPS/GLONASS RTK Rover
Trimble R6 VRS Rover with TSC 3
Leica TS15 Total Station


Case Studies, Surveying & UAV
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