Galway City Centre Asset Survey

Galway City Centre Asset Survey

About This Project

Galway City is undergoing a radical overhaul in its transport system. As the city and its surrounding area continues to grow, Galway City Council and Galway County Council in partnership with the National Transport Authority, have developed the Galway Transport Strategy (GTS) to help ease the congestion and build-up of traffic, and delays faced by local residents and businesses.
The GTS aims to support sustainable transport and maintain, develop and upgrade road infrastructure to maximise mobility and the safe movement of people and traffic and answer the city’s traffic congestion.
Working with leading consultants Arup to support the redevelopment and design of a new transport management plan, an accurate survey and audit of all roadside markings and street signage was required.
The audit required multiple facets of asset information captured and recorded including:

  • Sign Type
  • Pole Type
  • Condition
  • Regulatory Sign Type
  • Time Plate Information
  • Photograph

With detailed asset information, the design team can not only understand the location information of the road signs, but also effectively plan for the redesign and construction of the new road layout.
Murphy Surveys used a combination of techniques to collect the required data including a detailed topographic survey using aerial data capture technology. Using a manned aircraft the team were able to capture aerial photographs of the street that would be stitched together to create one large orthorectified imagery that is geo-referenced to the ground. This was then placed as a background image within ArcMap (GIS software) to visualise, analyse, compile and share the data, the horizontal accuracy was +/-200mm (position) for hard detail such as buildings, walls, roads.
The field team then photographed each road sign and collected the requested details including easting and northing position and updated directly within the GIS GeoPal application, so the client could access and use the data immediately.
This methodology was chosen because it reduces time in the field compared to other techniques. The Galway City area is approximately 2,000ha, Murphy Surveys can cover 500ha per day using a UAV. In this case we used a manned aircraft, which took one day due to the weather conditions. Using a non-intrusive data collection method, we were able to conduct the survey with no disruption or potential delays to the road traffic or pedestrians.
Not only does the client have an up-to-date and accurate GIS database with conditions and locations of requested assets, but also, with the orthophoto map, the designer can see, view and validate the asset information and gain a better overview of what is happening at each location. The designer is also better aware of the geometric relationships between all objects, including footpath widths, kerbs, traffic islands, building outlines and entrances.


Client Testimonial

“The orthophoto survey undertaken by Murphy Surveys has proven to be a highly valuable asset to both the design team and the client. The design team have an accurate and detailed base map of a large area to inform the design process, while the client has the long-term benefit of an up-to-date background for their numerous GIS databases and for future planning and design.
The surveys were carried out in an efficient and professional manner and the outputs were delivered on time and to our specification. I would not hesitate to recommend Murphy Surveys to anybody seeking high quality surveys.”

Brian Burke, Senior Engineer, Arup


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Survey Type

Topographic Survey
GIS Survey


• Orthophoto background map
• Geodatabase incl. location and type of road signs, road lines and road markings
• Over 1500 PDF’s including road sign details and set of photographs


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