Dimension Survey at Digicel, Haiti

Dimension Survey at Digicel, Haiti

About This Project

The headquarters of the Caribbean’s largest telecommunications company and Haiti’s largest employer – Digicel, was one of the only buildings left standing and operational in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. Kier Construction contracted Murphy Surveys to survey the building for measurement data, to detect any movement that occurred during the earthquake, and to facilitate the design and replacement of the curtain walling.
A high-precision survey of the floor slabs and curtain walling was required.
A high-accuracy control framework was established around the building, and on each of the 11 floors. A grid of levels was surveyed on each floor to provide accurate positional information for each floor slab. All transom and mullion positions of the curtain walling were surveyed both internally and externally to provide accurate dimensional information for the curtain walling.
The survey data was required urgently to facilitate a tight construction deadline, and therefore Murphy Surveys had to work quickly and efficiently. As there were no direct or connecting flights between Haiti and Ireland, the surveyors had to travel via a number of flights, transporting all the equipment with them. Logistical challenges were overcome without causing any delay or additional cost to the client.
Due to the remote survey location, it was essential that the survey data was complete and correct before the surveyors left the site. This was achieved by sending the data to the Head Office on a daily basis for processing and quality control. All data was checked for accuracy and completeness before the surveyors left the site. All deliverables were provided to the client before the required deadlines, including 3D AutoCAD drawings for design purposes, 3D AutoCAD elevation drawings, an ASCII file of surveyed points, and a Control Report.


Kier Construction

Survey Type

As Built
Measured Building


Circa 211,250 sq ft


1 Month


High Precision Leica TS15 Total Station
DNA 03 Digital Level


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