Digitising a technology campus hub in Daresbury

Digitising a technology campus hub in Daresbury

About This Project

MSL was recently asked to employ our Murphy Asset Capture technologies to provide a digital twin of a technology campus hub in Daresbury.


We chose to utilise multiple technologies including, terrestrial laser scanning and mobile mapping using our M6 trolley system to capture 3D spatial information and panoramic imagery for the client.


Information was tagged to the model to aid in organising assets as well as providing training videos and easy access to building O&M information.



The online data also allowed for live mark-ups and measurements by staff who were looking for assistance in space planning exercises and equipment installations. The Indoor Viewer provided by Murphy Surveys allowed for multiple stakeholders to view, manipulate and share planning with central management while minimising travel to and from site.



The Indoor viewer also allowed the client to share navigation and locational information for building assets, this was seen as an incredibly useful tool to help maintenance and subcontractors locate areas of work / repair with reduced downtime or assistance from building management.


If you would like to know more about how Murphy Asset Capture technologies can help you manage your build assets, please get in touch info@murphysurveys.co.uk


Private Client


Digital Twin for operations


Laser scanning
M6 mobile mapping


Daresbury, UK


Case Studies, Digital Twin
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