Digitising 20,000sqm in a day

Digitising 20,000sqm in a day

About This Project

Murphy Surveys was recently tasked by our client to map the drainage system for a large underground multi storey car park. The client required the data in 3D as quickly as possible to inform an asset management model, the model would then be implemented with a facilities management system.



There was only a small window of opportunity to perform the works with the area a little over 20,000 square meters in total and split over 9 levels. This project would have represented a significant effort for traditional static scanning technology, potentially also running the risk of creating unnecessary disruption for residents.


As one of our key MAC (Murphy Asset Capture) technologies, MSL deployed the M6 mobile mapping trolley #poweredbyNavVis for the task. The mobile mapping solution allows for the capture of full colour point cloud information and 360-degree photography to be efficiently and accurately captured at a normal walking pace.


This technology allowed our surveyors to make incredible progress quickly and safely throughout the structure. The resulting data was processed the next day and provided to the client as a full colour point cloud compatible with AutoCAD and Revit to inform the design. MSL also provided the client with access to the dataset within a custom Indoor Viewer instance, allowing for the photography and point cloud to be interrogated through any internet browser and mobile devices.



“The key for us was the amount of data captured in the timescale. A terrestrial scanning approach would have likely taken 3 times as long. Utilising MAC allowed for great efficiency in this type of environment and provided the client with a high-quality 3D point cloud, providing value over and above what was expected.” – Matthieu Marsault (Manager, MSL)



If you would like to understand how Murphy Asset Capture technologies can help on your projects please feel free to get in touch. info@murphysurveys.co.uk


Private Client


Asset management / Facility Management


Laser scanning
M6 mobile mapping


Sheffield, UK


Case Studies, Digital Twin
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