Culvert Inspection below Monaghan Town Centre

Culvert Inspection below Monaghan Town Centre

About This Project

Murphy Surveys were required to carry out a general inspection and survey of an approximately 400m length of culvert below Monaghan town centre.

Survey Requirements

• Murphy Surveys were required to carry out an inspection to determine the flow direction, culvert construction and culvert layout
• An inspection was carried out with the use of confined space equipment and a fully certified commercial surface supply dive team
• All key dimensions for the culvert openings were surveyed and plotted onto drawings
• A detailed report was issued, highlighting the condition and construction of the culvert

Survey Specifications

Murphy Surveys were required to determine the culvert make-up and length of each element. A general inspection was carried out detailing major blockages and areas of debris. This led to further investigations in the difference in water levels between the culvert inlet upstream (approx. 100mm in depth) and the twin outlet pipes downstream (fully submerged).
Access was gained from both the upstream and downstream elevation of the culvert with the teams using confined space equipment and surface supply diving equipment. Access was also gained at approximately mid-way via a manhole chamber and with the use of a tripod and winch. Additional opening up works were required to allow for safe access into the culvert from this chamber.

Key Points

• The results and recommendations of the inspection findings were recorded in such a way that the requirements for any further investigation or remedial works were defined
• All debris traps were located on the survey drawing to allow the client to draft new remedial contracts for the removal of debris and excess material
• All our team members are fully trained in the used of confined space equipment, in this case escape sets and full breathing apparatus

Client Testimonial

“Monaghan County Council used the services of Murphy Surveys to inspect 400m of Storm Water Culvert in the Centre of Monaghan Town. I found them to be professional, knowledgeable, efficient and extremely conscious with regards to Health and Safety. I would recommend and use their services again should the need arise”
Matthew Lambe, Engineer, Monagahan County Council


Monaghan County Council


Public, Infrastructure

Survey Type

Specialist Inspection


July/ August 2016


Monaghan Town Centre


Underwater CCTV Camera, Gas Monitor, Confined Space Escape Sets, Tripod and Winch, Surface Supply Diving


Case Studies, Specialist Engineering
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