Café Sol, Dunnes Stores

Café Sol, Dunnes Stores

About This Project

Established over 70 years ago, Dunnes Stores, is one of Ireland’s largest retailers, with 136 stores throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain. As part of its expansion plan, the company has recently acquired the Café Sol chain, originally comprised of eight coffee shops in Dublin. As part of the project, the retail outlet is rebranding the café chain and plans to replicate the new look brand across their stores.
Murphy Surveys has worked on numerous retrofit projects for Dunnes Stores and are constantly conveying 3D deliverables that benefit the entire project lifecycle and specially the design and construction processes. We completed a pilot immersive reality survey of their Georges Street store demonstrating the technology and the potential applications of 3D cameras. Furthermore, our survey teams continue to support a variety of requirements: roof inspections using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), internal floor plans, floor flatness analysis and more.
For this project, our digital engineering team met the project team to discuss the possibilities of creating a 3D representation and Building Information Model (BIM) of the café. Through collaborative consultation it was agreed that a 3D survey would benefit Dunnes Stores during the work involved in the Café Sol scheme as it would provide an accurate and realistic digital representation of the café.
Murphy Surveys was commissioned to provide Dunnes Stores with this digital representation using BIM. The BIM model depicted the site conditions of their first redesigned space, which recorded the existing layout while detailing all components and fittings. Dunnes Stores intend to make the brand consistent across all sites therefore given that each store has a different floor area for the cafés, the digital model provided by Murphy Surveys will support this process, as it offers a realistic picture of an existing location in a 3D BIM format.
Our team measured the café using 3D laser scanning and High Dynamic Ranging (HDR) photography, producing detailed point clouds and panoramic images that were later used to create the 3D model. Autodesk Revit was the BIM package used for this task. Tailored Revit components (families) were developed, bearing in mind that most of the components and furnishings were bespoke and not part of standard object libraries. The final deliverable incorporated all features, including floor finishes, equipment and furniture, exactly representing in digital form the objects and arrangement visible on the ground.
With the use of automated custom scripts we populated the model with asset information as required by the original project brief, further complementing the LOD (Level of Detail) 500 model. LOD 500 gives high geometric detail thus replicating exactly the geometry of all objects, including equipment such as coffee machines. Revit components were developed with the appropriate parameters, replicating the asset register that was previously stored in a simple spreadsheet. Dunnes Stores can benefit from the three-dimensional model during the rebranding project and throughout the operations and maintenance tasks.


Dunnes Stores is one of Ireland’s largest and best-known retailer providing fashion, food and homewares in one location.



Survey Type

Laser Scan and Photographic Survey
Revit Model, LOD500


Leica P40 Scanner


Laser Scanning & BIM
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