Bord na Móna Bridge Scour Inspections

Bord na Móna Bridge Scour Inspections

About This Project

Murphy Surveys recently completed Scour inspections for Bord na Mona of the River Shannon Rail Bridge at Kilnacarrow, the River Shannon Rail Bridge at Shannonbridge and the River Suck Rail Bridge at Annaghcorrib.

Survey Requirements

• Murphy Surveys were required to carry out a bridge and riverbed inspection of three railway structures and establish the present condition of the substructure units
• An inspection was carried out through touching and probing of all elements of the structure, to a height of 1.0 m above the highest water level
• A hydrographic riverbed survey extended up to 100 m upstream and downstream of the structure
• Murphy Surveys were required to establish the extent, size and location of any areas of scour
• A detailed report was issued for each structure

Survey Specifications

• A safety boat was required at each survey and inspection due to the active navigable waterways. The boat consists of a certified boat handler, with a VHF certificate, along with an assistant for emergency purposes
• An underwater inspection was carried out at each structure, with the use of a fully certified commercial surface supply dive team and dive vessel
• A Bathymetric survey of the channel bed included the production of a 3D hydrographic survey drawing to highlight any areas of scour at the structure, or developing scour upstream and downstream of the structure
• A technical report was produced for each structure, to include recommendations and a level one scour assessment BD 97/12

Key Points

• Particular attention was given to the condition of the riverbed within the vicinity of the structure, locating any areas of scour and noting any associated defects
• The results and recommendations of the inspection findings were recoded in such a way that the requirement for any further investigation or remedial works were defined

Client Testimonial

“The team at Murphy Surveys delivered a high quality and professional service throughout all stages of the project. The competence and capability demonstrated by the team to deliver on time to Bord na Mona’s requirements makes it easy to highly recommend Murphy Surveys for scour inspection services.”
Aidan McGauran, Engineer, Bord na Móna



Bord na Móna


Rail, Infrastructure

Survey Type

Specialist Inspection, Hydrographic


2 weeks


Bord na Mona rail network along the River Shannon and River Suck


Total Station, Sonar, Surface Supply Diving, AutoCAD


Case Studies, Specialist Engineering
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