Bathymetric Survey of River Suir Catchment Area

Bathymetric Survey of River Suir Catchment Area

About This Project

The OPW contracted Murphy Surveys to carry out a Bathymetric Survey of River Suir Catchment Area of approximately 215 channel and structure cross sections, and a depth survey of two lakes. The survey data was required to supplement existing data held by the OPW where gaps had been identified.
This project was unique in that it consisted of many small areas spread throughout the catchment area; this required careful planning and logistics. Our expert teams utilised a combination of survey methods to capture the necessary information, and eight crews were deployed to the sites concurrently to meet the deadlines.


  • AutoCAD drawings of Plans
  • Cross Sections
  • Long Sections
  • ISI
  • Mike
  • Hecras
  • CSV
  • Reports


The Office of Public Works (OPW)

Survey Type

Bathymetric, Hydrographic




215 Sections


6 Weeks


Leica Total Station, GPS RTK, Bathymetric Survey


Case Studies, Specialist Engineering
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