Our New Leica P20 Laser Scanner

Murphy Surveys is the first company in Ireland, and one of the first in the UK to purchase the new Leica P20 Laser Scanner.

As a customer-centric organisation, Murphy Surveys focuses on technological innovation to continually improve cost-effectiveness, data detail and accuracy. The scanner enables the collection of highly detailed data quickly, accurately and completely. Its unprecedented speed reduces costs without compromising data quality. The equipment has already proven beneficial in recent projects that demand non-intrusive surveys with high-standards in specifications, such as the survey of Frederik’s Church in Copenhagen.

“The new equipment will allow us to be more productive and competitive, delivering tangible benefits to our clients. The demand for Laser Scanning is growing, and Murphy Surveys is now in the position to not only offer unrivalled experience but also the best technology available to complete the task.”
-Ricardo Oliveira, Head of Laser Scanning, Murphy Surveys

The P20 scans up to one million points per second from a range of up to 120 m. All scans can be immediately viewed in the field to ensure optimal Quality Assurance. By verifying complete scan coverage on site, costly site revisits can be avoided. It is also the first scanner to offer a “Check and Adjust” function, which allows the user to ensure the equipment is in optimal working condition.

The workflow begins with the scanner generating a 3D point cloud, which can then be seamlessly geo-referenced and imported into modelling software. Deliverables range from 2D plans to fully rendered 3D models and fly-throughs.

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