3D Render Topographic, Building and Services Model

The Ever Evolving BIM Process

At Murphy Surveys we are accustomed to clients asking for a wide variety of deliverables when it comes to their surveying needs. Whether it’s different types of software outputs or customised surveys, we invariably have the answer. Over the past year the pace of BIM adoption by Irish companies has...
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As built survey

Design Drawings v. As-Built Drawings

In an attempt to clarify some common misconceptions we are going to outline the misleading information that exists when categorising design drawings as being the same as-built drawings. Are design drawings comparable with as-built drawings? The short answer is yes. However, in...
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MSL BIM Solutions

Murphy Surveys, MSL BIM Solutions

MSL BIM Solutions, a Murphy Surveys company, are leaders in the area of Building Inforamtion Modelling (BIM). Our innovation and our continual investment in the latest surveying equipment and technology allows us to provide the most efficient solutions, that cut costs and risks for our clients, w...
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Near Surface Geoscience 2015

Research presented at Near Surface Geoscience Conference

Murphy Surveys Geophysicist Dr. Sónia Assunção's research has been presented at the Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition in Turin, Italy (8-10t Sept 2015) . Sónia's work on the GPR Assessment of Columns in the Pavilions and the Church of the Modernista Building Sant ...
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