New Vehicle-Mounted Laser Scanning Surveys

Murphy Surveys carry out high accuracy Vehicle Mounted Laser Scanning surveys on road projects. Our system is equipped with multiple survey grade laser scanners, IMU, video and photo cameras.


  • Fast capture and quick turnaround as the system is already mobilized.
  • No traffic management required, vehicle captures survey data at normal road speeds.
  • Provides full 3D survey capture, video and photo capture simultaneously.
  • Survey data can be provided in many formats, including AutoCAD, Genio, and X,Y,Z.
  • Depending on size of the project, rates per kilometer can be up to 85% more cost efficient than ground survey methods.
  • Using this method, survey accuracies of +/- 10mm can be achieved. The data produced can be used throughout an entire project from Route Selection to Detailed Design.
  • Depending on the location of a potential project, we can capture data free of charge, this can be discussed and agreed with the client on a case by case basis. Data can then be processed at a later date if required for an extremely competitive rate.

If you would like further information, please contact us.


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