Murphy UAV wins Specialist Contractor of the Year

Congratulations to Murphy UAV on winning Specialist Contractor of the Year at the Plant & Civil Engineer Plant, Construction & Quarry Awards 2016.


MurphyUAV has been praised at the 2016 Plant & Civil Engineer’s ‘Plant, Construction & Quarry’ Awards for its specialist approach to site surveying and inspection.

MurphyUAV integrates across surveying, inspections and BIM to bring clients the best solutions to their requirements and provide the highest standards of deliverables all in one location, taking out the need to seek out data from various sources.

Another aspect to the strengths of MurphyUAV is that it has the support of the team of Murphy Surveys and the services they offer. As such, MurphyUAV can provide more than just a flight team and present its clients with actual complete datasets taking out any need for a third party involvement.

“Through implementing the UAV technology, we can access areas which may have otherwise be deemed inaccessible. Areas such as rooftops can now be accessed and the data collected can be merged with internal scan data from the Murphy Surveys BIM team to create more fully rounded point clouds of a building, both internally and externally.” Julian Deeks, Directior, MurphyUAV

The operational nature of MurphyUAV also leads to greater health and safety standards as the remote drone pilots can carry out inspections in areas which may have been considered too hazardous previously.

Looking to the future MurphyUAV looks set to continue to grow; it has been accredited by both the IAA and more recently the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) meaning that it can now also operate in the UK.

Julian believes that “our innovative technology, our service integration and our dedicated and skilled personnel are the reason why MurphyUAV won this award for Specialist Contractor of the Year, and we are very proud and excited about the future of MurphyUAV.”

With 14 separate categories, the annual ‘Plant, Construction & Quarry’ awards, organised by the Hillsborough based publishers of Plant & Civil Engineer magazine, 4SM (NI) Ltd., is regarded as the premier event in the Plant, Construction and Quarry calendar, attracting entries, support and sponsorship from all the leading players in the industry.

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