Murphy Surveys to present at CitA BIM Gathering

JP Kelly, Principal Client Manager at Murphy Surveys will present on Thursday 23rd November at CitA BIM Gathering, in Croke Park. JP’s presentation, ‘Technology Integration for Complete BIM Implementation‘, will outline how without accurate survey data there cannot be an effective and efficient BIM.


BIM should be a complete digital representation of every physical asset and the information core of every project and facility. JP will show how ‘Accurate Survey Data’ must be captured at the start of every project. This forms the real foundation of any BIM project and will be used by all parties for the entire project life cycle and beyond. Further to that, after the initial concept and planning stages the second key ingredient for total BIM implementation is ‘Accurate Validation’. Regular and accurate validation of the construction, upgrade or retrofit phase of a project is essential.

It is sometimes assumed in the industry that laser scanning is the only way of capturing data for BIM projects, however this is not the case. There are multiple ways of capturing data, which in turn can be combined to create a data rich and accurate BIM.

Using these various survey methodologies and combining them to monitor and record construction activities ensures that every single physical asset on site is intrinsically linked to its corresponding digital asset in the BIM.

Murphy Surveys work closely with our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their project to deliver what they need. Continual investment in the latest surveying equipment and technology allows the provision of the most efficient solutions that reduce risk and cost for clients, while meeting the highest standards in accuracy and detail.

JP is available to discuss this exciting initiative further on 083 145 1213, or meet him and our team at stand 5 on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November at Cita BIM Gathering, Croke Park, Dublin. JP will be speaking at 12:10pm at Breakout 4, Suite 688/689 on Level 6.

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