Murphy Surveys at the National Ploughing Championships

Murphy Surveys to deliver talk at National Ploughing Championships

Chartered Geomatics Surveyor Sarah Sherlock will deliver a free talk at the National Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly on the dos and don’ts of property boundaries. Sarah will join other Chartered Surveyors at the National Property & Land Information Centre marquee.

When it comes to boundaries and their determination, for some, the devil may be in the details. To different people a boundary may mean different things. With property there are generally two types of boundaries – the legal and the physical. Not every situation is the same, and in many cases there are complexities. When these arise, the potential for a boundary dispute exists and it should be reconciled with as little difficulty as possible.

A chartered geomatics surveyor will guide you through a boundary issue. They will survey and measure your property and together with your solicitor they will check the relevant sections of the deeds and the deed maps appended. It is likely they will refer to historical documents and aerial photographs in order to establish the exact spatial issue and how best to resolve it.

Sarah explains “In general, good boundaries tend to make good neighbours and more often that not everyone is aware of who owns what.”

Sarah’s talk is on Thursday 21st of Sept at 12pm. She will be at the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland stand following her presentation, where she will be available to answer any questions. The stand is at the Block No. 3, Row 14, Stand No. 316.

The schedule of talks at the National Property and Land Information Centre can be found on the SCSI website at

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