Murphy Surveys present at SPAR International, Houston

We are delighted to announce that Murphy Surveys Head of Laser Scanning Ricardo Oliveira will present at SPAR International which takes place in Houston Texas from 30th March to 2 April 2015.

The conference will see experts in data capture, point cloud processing and delivery share best practices in using 3D technologies to improve processes, produce spot-on deliverables, and save time and money.

The program will cover topics including Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D for Asset & Facilities Management, 3D Data Capture for As-Built Conditions, Point Cloud Processing, Managing & Sharing Large Data Sets, 3D/Intelligent Modelling, Augmented Reality & Visualization Tools and UAVs/UAS.

Ricardo will discuss utilizing a high precision terrestrial laser scanner to capture 3D data in the city centre of Dublin, Ireland in a kinematic mode with highest productivity. The survey covered an area of approximately 14.6 hectares. Ricardo will co-present with Dr. Erwin Frei, from P3D Systems and will discuss the project specification, the P3D system used, deliverables and conclusions from the project.

Learn more about the conference at

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