Murphy Surveys CitA BIM Gatherng

Murphy Surveys Platinum Sponsor at CitA BIM Gathering

Murphy Surveys are delighted to be platinum sponsors for the 2 day conference taking place on the 23rd & 24th November in Croke Park, Dublin. The 2017 CitA BIM Gathering will feature industry and academic papers, as well as 11 internationally esteemed keynotes. The event will seek to highlight innovation in Ireland and abroad.

BIM should be a complete digital representation of every physical asset and should be the information core of every project and facility. Without accurate survey data there cannot be an effective and efficient BIM. ‘Accurate survey data’ must be captured at the start of every project. This forms the real foundation of any BIM project and will be used by all parties for the entire project life cycle and beyond. After the initial concept and planning stages, the second key ingredient for total BIM implementation is ‘Accurate Validation’. Regular and accurate validation of the construction, upgrade or retro-fit phase of a project is essential. Using various survey methodologies and combining them to monitor and record construction activities ensures that every single physical asset on site is intrinsically linked to its corresponding digital asset in the BIM.

Meet our team at the CitA BIM Gathering to discuss how we can work with you to efficiently implement and execute your BIM project.

To arrange a meeting or discuss our services today contact JP Kelly our Head of BIM on or +353 83 145 1213.

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