Murphy Surveys nominated for BIM Initiative of the Year

We are delighted here at Murphy Surveys to have been nominated for ‘BIM Initiative of the Year’ at this years ‘Irish Building & Design Awards’. The awards take place on Friday 7th April, at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin 4.

Our BIM initiative focuses on how Murphy Surveys is the first company in Ireland to deliver multiple survey deliverables to our clients in one combined BIM data platform.

We capture BIM survey data in the following ways:


This unique and industry leading initiative changes the way BIM survey data can be captured and combined into one deliverable.

Underground, Topographical and Aerial data are combined into one BIM to provide our client with all the information required to accurately design, build and manage their project and assets.

There are multiple benefits to our clients on this project:

  • All survey data is delivered in one combined platform to enable development of an accurate and complete 3D BIM for the project
  • Data can be viewed and shared by our clients via secure web portal
  • UAV technology captures all street and footpath survey data. This eliminates the need for costly traffic management, night work or dangerous working conditions
  • Survey data is captured quicker thus reducing delivery time
  • Orthorectified imagery providing up to date high-resolution imagery of the site and surrounds can be used in many ways (e.g. condition and roof inspections, elevations, planning, marketing)
  • Point cloud is used to create 3D textured models in various formats
  • All data is captured in one visit – re visits for such data is not required
  • Accurate 3D BIM is created in Revit for the planning and design stage


Contact our team today to find out how your project can benefit from this technological integration – or 045 484 040.

BIM showing combined utility, laser and aerial survey data
Topographical Map, Cross Sections and Contextual Elevation
Sample Image of the Point Cloud
Orthophoto with Topographical, Utility, and Boundary Survey
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