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Murphy Surveys is Ireland’s largest provider of Digital Underground Surveys

Murphy Surveys Subsurface Engineering Division is Ireland’s largest provider of digital underground surveys, with 35 years’ experience in the industry. The division provides unique, coordinated site survey investigation packages from design inception through to construction completion, offering turnkey solutions to our clients. We are available to consult with our clients on current best practice in the industry to help plan and execute proposed projects so that the highest quality results are achieved and therefore providing a complete physical model of the terrain and utility infrastructure beneath our feet.

Getting accurate information on the location of buried services can reduce the risk of costly utility strikes. While the direct cost of repair of damaged utilities is generally low, indirect costs such as service interruption, project delays, fines, legal costs, increased insurance premiums and reputational damage can be quite high.

The subsurface engineering division can eliminate these avoidable costs and project delays for our clients by using our technical knowledge, training, quality standards and incorporating industry best practices to accurately map buried services on your site while always putting safety first.

We use non-intrusive & intrusive methods to:

  • Inform infrastructure planning and maintenance
  • Derive geotechnical properties using surface and borehole geophysical measurements
  • Detect buried utility services and shallow voids
  • Detect buried hazards such as underground storage tanks and buried pits
  • Inform route selection for cable routes, pipelines, railways and roads
  • Map archaeological features
  • Provide 3D utility infrastructure BIM Models
  • Reduce Risk
  • Protest ground workers on construction sites
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GPR and EML Surveys for Gas Networks Ireland

Over the past decade, Murphy Surveys have mapped multiple underground gas installations for Gas Networks Ireland (GNI). We have completed highly detailed mapping and laser scans for almost 100 sites, both in Ireland and the UK.

Buried structures and pipework were detected using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location (EML) methods within each above ground installation (AGI) site. This field data was then post processed and correlated with existing plan information to produce an accurate 3D model of the infrastructure below the ground.

The survey equipment used by Murphy Surveys in the execution of these measurement tasks are intrinsically safe in such potentially explosive environments. Furthermore, our professional surveyors wear flame retardant and anti-static overalls for added protection.

Contact David Graham, Head of Subsurface Engineering Division at Murphy Surveys for clear, impartial advice. 

David Graham |  045 484 040  |

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