Murphy Survey’s Family BBQ

Murphy Surveys, whose Head Office is in Kilcullen, has grown from a small, family-run business to the largest survey company in Ireland. Established in 1983 by Peter Murphy, over 30 years later, Murphy Surveys has offices in Kilcullen, Cork, Belfast, London and Scotland and are just this month opening a new office in Dublin. The business is now run by Peter’s four sons, Raymond, Niall, Colin and Diarmuid.

Director, Niall Murphy said “We employ more than 200 staff in Ireland and the UK, and offer world-class solutions globally to long-term public and private sector clients. We have grown year on year – even through recession – because of our innovation and core understanding of our clients’ needs. This is in large due to the team we have. Today was about bringing them together, acknowledging the work they have done for us, and having a bit of fun.”

“Family is the key to our success, personally and professionally. We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to what lies ahead.”

Here are some photos from our Family BBQ.

Murphy Surveys BBQ 5Murphy Surveys BBQ 6 Murphy Surveys BBQ 8 Murphy Surveys Family BBQ 3

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