Murphy Surveys discuss STAR*NET 8.1 in POB magazine

Murphy Surveys recently featured in POB Magazine’s article on MicroSurvey STAR*NET 8. Our Survey Manager and Technical Manager, Michael Durnin discusses how STAR*NET 8.1 benefits our surveyors in relation to speed, efficiency and accuracy of measurements in our surveying projects.

“It’s the basis of our quality (in surveying projects) and the part of the fundamentals from which our precision on surveys is quoted. All measurements are propagated from your control, so having a robust solution on which we (Murphy Surveys) can rely is the bedrock of our methodologies and protocols and how we achieve precise results. Least squares adjustment gives us this solution, allowing us to catch errors accurately and with confidence.” Michael Durnin, Survey Manager and Technical Manager, Murphy Surveys

Point of Beginning (POB) magazine helps land surveyors and geomatics professionals in the surveying industry succeed through our coverage of new technologies and opportunities. It offers practical solutions to surveying and mapping problems, while keeping you up-to-date on business strategies, the law and education.

Read the full article here

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