Murphy Surveys Cork RTC360 Leica

Murphy Surveys Cork office receives first Leica RTC in Ireland

We’re pleased to announce the first Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanner to be delivered in the Republic of Ireland arrived at our Cork office today. The game changing scanner is the world’s first 3D laser scanner with automatic in-field pre-registration and launched in July this year. We received our first scanner into our London office in July and have now added three in total to our laser scanning fleet!

Murphy Surveys is always at the forefront of technological advances and continues to partner with world leading technology companies to deliver the best service to our clients by investing in the latest survey technologies. Our investment in the new scanner reaffirms our position as a pioneer in the use of laser scanning technology.

The scanners ultra-high performance makes it twice as fast than any other scanner, allowing us to capture more data than ever before, and its ability to pre-register captured scans in the field will allow us decrease processing time and deliver data to our clients much quicker.

For more information about how our laser scanning service can support your project, contact us in Cork on 021 489 5704 or

Pictured above L to R: Gerard Griffin (Laser Scanning Project Manager- Murphy Surveys Ltd.) JP Kelly (Commercial Manager- Murphy Surveys Ltd.) John Duggan (SIS Ltd.) and Adrian O’Keeffe (General Manager- Murphy Surveys Ltd.)

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