Murphy Surveys Flood-Survey-Team

Murphy Surveys 24/7 Flood Survey Team

A rapid response resource for flood monitoring and damage assessment.

The Murphy Surveys Flood Survey Team are on standby throughout the year to provide a range of services enabling you to predict, control and prevent damage caused by flooding.

Using our unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV) we can provide almost real-time updates of flood extents to aid effective management of flood response.

After flood waters have subsided, the Flood Survey Team can undertake surveys to determine damage caused to property, bridges, culverts, weirs, sluices, flood defences, and identify areas of river bank erosion, debris build-up and siltation.

Our Services

  • Emergency Flood Monitoring 24/7
  • Bridge Pier & Scour Monitoring
  • Water-Level Monitoring
  • UAV Survey of Flood Extents
  • Tilt Sensor Arrays for Retaining Structures
  • Crack Sensors
  • Condition Surveys
  • Post Flood Surveys
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