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Our approach is to offer consistent reliable data, that is accessible. We can provide bespoke cloud based solutions through a single platform taking all sensors and monitoring methods, enabling stakeholders to view datasets in near to real time. This solution allows better integration between multi sensory and methods, vibration units and deformation points for instance. Informing projects and stakeholders with clear and legible data, so educated decisions can be made based on combined reliable and accurate datasets. The advancement of scanning and image based technology has allowed the end user view the assets, the monitoring sensors analysing the integrity, to be viewed more in real world space, along with detailed analytical outputs.

  • Railway & Tunnel Monitoring Solutions
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring
  • Automated & Manual Structural Monitoring
  • Surface & Road Monitoring
  • Tilt Sensor Monitoring Solutions
  • Real-time Vibration Monitoring
  • Real-time Noise Nuisance Monitoring
  • Real-time Dust Control Monitoring
Murphy Surveys Monitoring
Murphy Surveys Luas

Our Monitoring Projects

In recent years we have completed monitoring works for Luas Cross City, Irish Rail, National Gallery refurbishment works, Crossrail on C430 Farringdon Advance Works and C410 Bond Street / Tottenham Court Road SCL Tunnel Monitoring. We have also successfully completed the Instrumentation & Monitoring for Vauxhall London Underground Station Upgrade and the Farnworth Tunnels Refurbishment Monitoring project which won ‘Tunnelling Project of the Year’ at NCE Tunnelling Awards in 2016. We developed implemented and delivered an automatic Geodetic track monitoring system for TII on embedded light rail track.

Our current running projects consist of Instrumentation & Monitoring for several key clients such as TII, Irish Rail, London Underground, Canary Wharf Contractors, Network Rail, Thames Water, John Sisk, Walls Construction, John Paul Construction, Veolia, ESB, Skanska, BAM, Mount Anvil and Jacobs to mention just a few.

The I&M involved in these projects consist of Automated Total Stations, Precise Wireless Bi-Axial Tilt Sensors, Manual Monitoring Solutions, Inclinometer Monitoring, Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring. They are currently monitoring tunnels, roads, bridges, railway infrastructure and Grade II listed structures. Environmental Monitoring (Noise, Dust and Vibration) provide real-time information to the main contractor and consultants on site to allow them to manage their site in a safe and considerate manner.

Our Monitoring Services

Railway & Tunnel Monitoring

Murphy Surveys have been responsible for implementing many I&M projects for tunnels, railway track and railway assets for both LUAS, Irish Rail, Translink, Veolia, Transdev, London Underground, DLR and Network Rail.

Monitoring surveyors are also proficient in the use of railway measuring devices to carry out pre-construction/ demolition surveys and condition surveys.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Our teams have installed Geotechnical I&M in several large projects over the years including Dublin Landings, ESB Inniscarra and Carigadroghid Dams, National Gallery of Irelandand many more in the UK.  These projects consisted of in-place piezometers, manual inclinometer tubes in secant pile walls and strain gauge sensors on temporary structural supports. We also use several types of in-place inclinometers or tilt meters where line-of sight is unavailable.

Real-time Vibration Monitoring

We have carried out structural vibration monitoring for Vartry Tunnel, NCH, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Crossrail, London Underground and various construction and demolition sites in the UK and Ireland. The systems can be deployed rapidly and all data is sent via cellular network to a central database. Real-time alarm messages are sent upon a trigger breach to the main contractor and/or consultants.

Real-time Noise Nuisance Monitoring

We offer real-time noise monitoring to suit all needs of our clients. Attended surveys can also mitigate against complaints and aid in establishing appropriate triggers. Pre-trigger alerts can be sent instantaneously to main points of contact on site so that mitigating procedures can be put in place to prevent a full trigger alert. This can save the main contractor €1000s in fines when implemented correctly.

Real-time Dust Control Monitoring

Predicting the level of dust emission is extremely difficult because of the complex nature of mineral operations and the variable dispersion and dilution characteristics of dust in the air.

The instrument we offer is a light scattering device capable of continuous measurement of total suspended particulates. The dust monitors can be set up for remote sampling, with all measured data sent via modem to a remote PC. Downloading of data is carried out by Murphy Surveys for further analysis and reporting on a regular basis.

Automated & Manual Structural Monitoring

The Monitoring Department undertakes projects of an automated or manual nature for structural monitoring of buildings, bridges and any structure above or below ground.

Our experienced installation technicians can deploy an automated monitoring system within days. Our project managers then liaise with clients and contractors on a day-to-day basis to ensure peace of mind during construction and/or demolition.

Tilt Sensor Monitoring

Tilt sensor monitoring is generally used where sight lines do not allow for conventional automated total station monitoring or where the geometry of the site to be monitored is too difficult to install a site wide monitoring reference network. Murphy Surveys have used tilt sensors in Luas Cross City, NCH, a number of Wind Farms in Ireland and UK, structural assets for Road and rail, including tunnels, bridges and retaining walls. Tilt sensors have also been deployed for party wall monitoring, façade monitoring and retaining wall monitoring for above ground structures.

Surface & Road Monitoring

During tunnelling or pipe laying works there may be a need for surface or road monitoring. This can be done manually or using automated total stations depending on the extent of the construction works.

For major construction or demolition projects where there is a possibility of heave or settlement from mass change in volume, there can be a requirement for site perimeter pavement monitoring.

Our Team

Murphy Surveys is dedicated to providing customers with cost-effective project solutions through a mixture of highly skilled personnel, decades of experience and using the right tools for the task at hand. Our Monitoring Department provides Geotechnical, Environmental, Geodetic sensor equipment and manual monitoring services in construction and asset protection, for railway, tunnel and shaft, bridge, slope, embankment, building, road, utility, retaining walls. We have several dedicated staff in the Monitoring Department consisting of:

  • Project managers for both on-site and off-site management of manual monitoring and automated monitoring systems including liaising with clients on a day-to-day basis for peace of mind.
  • Database and processing technicians for management of monitoring databases, websites and reporting.
  • Monitoring surveyors to provide consistency and precision in manual and automated monitoring projects.
  • Environmental and Geotechnical specialist to analyse and advise on results.
  • Instrumentation & monitoring technicians to install instruments, sensors, targets and telemetry with significant knowledge in communications, power and fixing requirements.

Michael Durnin

Head of Monitoring

t: +353 (0)1 690 9799
m: +353 (0)86 856 5795
t: mdurnin@murphysurveys.ie 

Shane Hannan

Monitoring Manager

t: +353 (0)1 690 9799
m: +353 (0)86 130 1165
t: shannan@murphysurveys.ie 

Edward Meade

Project Manager

t: +353 (0)1 690 9799
m: +353 (0)86 044 3518
t: emeade@murphysurveys.ie 

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