Commercial Property Summit

Meet us at SBP Commercial Property Summit

June 15, Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Measurement Matters

At a time when property owners are achieving premium prices for office space, the importance of measurement cannot be overstated. If you are investing your money into property and you require peace of mind then there is no question but measurement will matter to you.

The value of having your property properly measured is a matter that we fully understand. Meet our Property Services team at the Aviva and they can advise you on how to reduce your risk and secure your investment.

About the Event

The Sunday Business Post presents the 2017 Commercial Property Summit, which will bring together a range of property industry stakeholders to discuss the current economic outlook, latest occupier trends, growth opportunities and risks to the commercial real estate (CRE) sector in Ireland.

Following the political turbulence in 2016 and the destabilising effects that might follow, the CRE sector has been pretty resilient so far. However, how much uncertainty can the market take as we move through 2017, as Britain faces a snap general election, the Brexit negotiations progress and potential political upsets in mainland Europe loom on the horizon? Indeed, potentially the biggest risk to the global economy is the acute and impending political crisis in Europe, which monetary policy does not have the tools to resolve.

This summit will provide a window onto the latest investment and development trends to assess what the future holds.

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