Luas Cross City Monitoring

Luas Red Line re-opens ahead of schedule

Murphy Surveys were involved in the recent Luas Red line works which saw closures of a number of stops at the end of May, including Abbey Street, Busáras, Connolly, George’s Dock, Mayor Square, Spencer Dock and the Point.

Murphy Surveys have been providing Surveying and Engineering services across all current Luas Cross City Projects, Michael Durnin, acting as Chief Surveyor with the Sisk Steconfer Joint Venture, has been over seeing all aspects of survey and spatial data activities with the civils and track teams. Engineering Surveyors Stephen Kavangh and Conor Coyle operated as part of the Civil’s Team, with David Plaza working with the track team in aiding the positioning and setting out of track works. Finally, Miriam Temino, Joseph Sadlier and Ethan Kelly continued their daily monitoring tasks during the project works.

The recently reported the news that the lines had been re-opened with works completed 20 days ahead of schedule.

The excavation and preparation for rail tracks works started in the College Green area, Westmoreland Street and O’Connell Street during August 2015 with the project is due for completion at the end of 2017. With an addition of 10 million passenger journeys, there will now with 13 new stops, 8 in the city center, creating an interchange with the Red Line on O’Connell St and increasing public transport options for people.

The Luas Cross City service will connect the Red and Green Luas lines and is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.

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