Luas Cross City

Luas Cross City line testing, with full service due for Christmas

Testing of the new Luas Cross City line in Dublin is to be scaled up over coming weeks through the deployment of trams on the route. This follows a successful “gauge run” last weekend which involved running trams at a slow speed while an engineering team made sure tracks and overhead lines were working correctly. The extension of the lines is designed to link the Green and Red lines and is comprised of 13 new stops. The extension is on schedule and should be in operation by the end of this year.

Murphy Surveys provide Surveying and Engineering services across all current Luas Cross City Projects. Michael Durnin, acting as Chief Surveyor with the Sisk Steconfer Joint Venture, has been over seeing all aspects of survey and spatial data activities with the civils and track teams. As well as providing survey, management, control and setting out for the works, Murphy Surveys are providing deformation monitoring and subsurface services.

For more information on our work on the Luas Cross City Line please contact Michael on 045 484 040 or

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