Legal Mapping, Boundary Surveys

Murphy Surveys recognise the value of land and your investment. The cost implications of not recording it properly can be huge.

Not all maps are equal nor all maps fit for all uses. OSI mapping is topographical mapping, derived from aerial photogrammetry and has limitations. It is excellent for large scale mapping, however, it has limitations when fine detail is required. It is not unusual for multiple features (e.g. hedge and fence underneath) to be shown as one single line on an OSI map.

The PRAI register properties, not boundaries and the index map attached to one’s folio is for that purpose. It is not a definitive map of your property. Therefore it is not considered safe practice to rely on either an OSI map or PRAI map for the purchase or discharge of properties. It is most advantageous and strongly advised that all boundaries be verified, on site, by a Geomatics Surveyor.

A precise boundary survey protects you. It brings potential legal problems to your attention so you can address them before you make your purchase or sale. Murphy Surveys will reduce your exposure to unnecessary and potentially very costly circumstances.

Legal Mapping Services

  • Property Registration Maps
  • Independent Expert Reports
  • Conveyance Maps
  • Professional & Expert Witness
  • Reconciliation of Historical Mapping
  • Mapping Adjudication
  • Boundary Surveys
  • IACS & CPO Maps
  • Declaration of Identities
  • Burden Identification & Searches
Boundary surveys

Our on-going investments in the latest technologies and staff training ensure our expert surveyors can advise on the most suitable survey methodology to suit all client specifications and budgets. We guarantee peace of mind for our clients, providing reliable, accurate, fast and cost-effective results for your boundary survey or legal mapping investment.

By using Murphy Surveys for your legal mapping or boundary survey you are guaranteed:

  • Robust, precise and accurate spatial information
  • Fully connected surveys through a common control framework resulting in high accuracy, quality & repeatability if required, in the event of a dispute arising in the future
  • 30 years of experience in providing solutions to both public organisations and private clients
  • Understanding of the systems in place regarding land use and registration
  • Over 80 fully qualified surveyors
  • Cost-effective & professional service
  • Risk reduction, providing assurance & peace of mind to our clients
  • Innovative, technically proficient, proactive & client-focused survey company
  • Health & Safety assured – ISO and Safe Cert accredited
  • Nationwide service – both in Ireland & the UK

Our full boundary survey service provides the following: 

  • A site visit and full boundary survey using the most up-to-date survey equipment, GPS, and Total Stations
  • A full survey of all that pertains to the property in question
  • A full review of all title mapping and an assessment of historical mapping pertaining to the site in question
  • Identification of any previous registrations in the vicinity that may affect or be affecting your property
  • A tailored plan going forward
  • A robust PRAI map, in accordance with the PRAI guidelines, which will ensure the proper registration for your property
  • Our dedicated, client-focused service decreases the possibility of omitting something that is almost a guaranteed source of contention & costly rectification

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