Facade / Elevation Building Surveys

Murphy Surveys utilise the latest equipment and technologies to produce highly accurate Facade / Elevation Surveys.

Our expert staff determine the most suitable methodology to meet the specific needs of the client, and in order to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective survey achievable.

Elevations are typically surveyed using reflectorless Total Station and handheld PC’s with specialised software. Use of handheld computers enables drawing fast and accurately in the field.

A high level of detail is captured with 3D Laser Scanning, and this is advantageous in surveying complex or detailed structures.

Rectified photography can be used to record building facades where a conventional survey proves impractical. Rectified Photography is particularly useful for architectural conservation or archaeological record.

Murphy Surveys Facade Elevations

Survey Benefits

  • Capture structural detail that is not adequately portrayed in floor plans and sections, saving time and money
  • Non-invasive survey methods
  • Survey can be completed without direct physical access from potentially hazardous sites to reduce on-site risk
  • Elevation details such as apex, eves can easily be measured by reflector-less total stations

Survey Applications

  • 3D Models and Visualisation of exterior of building
  • To show Contiguous Elevations
  • For Conservation, Heritage, Historical records
  • Planning
  • Design/Conservation purposes

Case Studies

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