Digital Construction 

Murphy Surveys boost productivity growth by improving onsite execution using a collaborative approach, proven technology and cutting-edge innovation.

The use of innovative techniques and workflows is critical to ensuring efficiency and reducing overall cost and project related risks. On a project of any magnitude, these efficiencies can result in huge savings during the project life-cycle or provide a competitive edge during tender stage.

Murphy Surveys provides geospatial related services to support the digital construction services and BIM (Building Information Modelling / Better Information Management) processes and can help you maximise these benefits.

Whether it’s construction or infrastructure, or public or private contracts, efficient work practices and innovative solutions reduce costs once integrated into the project dynamic.

Digital Construction

Why Geospatial Services?

Capital Costs

“BIM to contribute to 20% savings on capital costs” (BIM Task Group)

Improved Efficiency

The use of digital construction methods such as 3D machine control provides improved efficiency and 30% cost savings for civils, earthmoving and foundation works (Caterpillar 2016)

Settlement Resolution

Photo documentation assists with negotiations which result in a more efficient settlement of delay claims (evidence 1-2% on project costs alone)

Safer Work Practices

Improved health and safety benefits by removing people from the work site by using remote measurement techniques such as drones, laser scanners or 3D machine control

Digital Construction Market Leaders

Murphy Surveys is a leading supplier of geospatial services in Ireland and the UK providing innovative solutions across all sectors. We have over 30 specialised surveying services which include everything from utility through to aerial surveys and everything in-between.

We have proven experience within the construction and rail sector having worked on Luas Cross City, Alexion, BMS, Pearse Station Upgrade, Kerry Group, Translink Belfast and Dublin Airport Runway works. The delivery of geospatial services was key to the successful completion of each project.

Murphy Surveys is aligned with the key objectives in major projects in terms of Digital Construction and the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). As surveyors, we always work within a 3D environment and are well equipped to ensure these digital workflows and data are managed and spatially accurate. Surveying forms the backbone of these systems which is even more reason to ensure that you have a reliable and competent supplier such as Murphy Surveys.


What do Murphy Surveys Offer?

  • Drive productivity, cut costs, through innovative data capture methods and efficient working practices
  • Reduced risk by having a specialist survey supplier manage all geospatial related activities within the project
  • Better integration of Technical and Management systems
  • BIM compliant deliverables and QA/QC works flows in a Common Data Environment
  • Document Red-lining items by as-builts and quality checks
  • Paperless sites and digital snagging systems
  • Project integrated GIS tools for mobile devices
  • Linking project management, project costing through geospatial techniques and technology such as Machine Control and UAVs
  • A large resource of highly skilled and experienced surveyors and engineers
  • €12m Professional Indemnity Insurance

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