Conservation / Heritage Surveys

For Conservation / Heritage surveys Murphy Surveys offer Laser Scanning, Rectified Photography and Measured Building Surveys as solutions for providing accurate surveys and highly-detailed digital replicas of properties, structures, sites and objects for historical and conservation purposes.

Where a high level of detail is required or when recording a complex object, Laser Scanning will be used. Elevations are typically surveyed using reflectorless Total Station and handheld PC’s with specialised software. Rectified photography can be used to record building facades where a conventional survey proves impractical, or when a photographic record is required.

Deliverables include Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit; Bentley MicroStation; Graphisoft ArchiCAD; BIM; 3D Visualisation; 3D Animation/Fly-Through Videos; Full Colour Point Clouds enabling 360° HD Colour views of the structure; 2D Maps, Plans, Sections, Elevations; PDF Reports; 360 degree Panoramic Photography and monitoring and environmental reports.

Survey Applications

  • Digital record of buildings for historical archives or conservation
  • Producing 3D models of Buildings/Objects/Details
  • Producing 2D Plans, Sections and Elevations
  • Monitoring and environmental purposes
  • Photographic records
  • Calculating Net Internal Areas (NIA)
  • Establishing floor, ceiling, roof and window levels
  • Measured Building Surveys

Survey Benefits

  • Highly Accurate
  • Survey process is non-destructive
  • Deliverables can be produced in a large range of formats
  • Type of Survey can be developed to suit Client Budget
  • Remotely capture data from potentially hazardous sites to reduce on-site risk
  • Detailed Data Capture for reproduction and reverse engineering
  • Accurate digital record for historical archives or future restoration and enables further investigations to be carried out later on without costly returns to the site

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