As-Built Surveys

As-Built Surveys are compiled to show the actual condition of completed projects as they exist and are usually carried out at the completion of the project. In addition, they can be carried out on existing sites to consolidate the design and minimise delays during fabrication and construction.

Using the latest Total Stations, 3D Scanning & GPS equipment and newly developed surveying techniques, Murphy Surveys expert team of qualified surveyors can survey and map any build. We offer various degrees and specifications of as-built surveying tailored to the clients’ needs and the requirements of the project.

  • Most maps and plans are very soon out of date
  • As-built surveys show the actual condition of completed projects as they exist for record purposes and/or payment
  • Usually carried out at the completion of the project, or as a precursor to new works to consolidate the design and minimise delays during construction
  • Allows efficient and smooth hand-over of highway and residential areas to local authorities.
As-Built Survey

As-Built Survey Applications

  • Remote data capture
  • Health and Safety benefit – 50% reduction with one site visit
  • The fast data capture is critical on sites with limited access, reducing costs
  • Reduces road closure times
  • Lower cost as-built and topographic survey method compared to alternatives
  • Improved accuracy and precision reduces the risks associated with project execution
  • One visit from field to finish
  • The high density data capture also benefits the design as it allows for more flexibility in the design decision making, from greater access to additional data
  • Reduces the costs and downtime associated with construction rework, site revisits and field changes
  • Enables office fabrication and analysis, as opposed to field
  • Enables asset collection/condition survey and the ability to identify flat spots

As-Built Survey Deliverables

As built survey outputs data can be delivered in a format to suit specific needs and technologies

  • 2D and 3D Plan Drawings
  • Sections, profiles and volumes
  • Autodesk Civil 3D surfaces
  • MX GENIO and LandXML outputs.
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation/Fly-Through Videos
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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