Chartered Geomatics Surveyor

A Day in the Life of a Chartered Geomatics Surveyor

Eugen Niculae is Processing and Quality Manager with Murphy Surveys. In a recent article in Surveyors Journal, published by Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI), he describes a busy, but enjoyable day in the life of a Chartered Geomatics Surveyor.

A Chartered Geomatics Surveyor’s job is to collect, process and interpret geospatial information – to set out on the ground the design for various projects (roads, bridges, buildings, plants, etc.). New technology means that we can now take measurements and report data with increased speed and accuracy.

As Processing and Quality Manager, Eugen leads a team of surveyors and CAD technicians. In the article he describes a typical day, his various responsibilities, discusses some interesting projects and the huge benefits of new technology to Geomatics Surveyors.

Read the full article here, on page 32 and 33 of the Surveyors Journal.

Surveyors Journal

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