Specialist Inspection Services

Specialist Inspection Services

Specialist Inspection Services (SIS)

At Murphy Surveys we are continually discussing client requirements. From these discussions, we have established a Specialist Inspection Services Division within Murphys for the inspections of bridges, tunnels, marine structures and buildings. We offer clients specially trained inspection teams who can undertake inspections which require underwater, rope access or confined space inspection techniques.

Our SIS Division can also offer other specialist services within Murphy Surveys e.g. Ground Penetrating Radar to assess foundations, Laser Scanning for tunnel inspections, Aerial Surveys using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, Electrical Resistivity Imaging for imaging sub-surface structures, Monitoring for railway and highways, ground and building movement, settlement, vibration and noise and Hydrographic and Topographical Surveys.

Specialist Inspections Wading Hydrographic surveys
Rope access survey


MSL, already leaders in the Survey and mapping industry throughout Ireland and the UK, will bring over 30 years’ experience to the inspection sector. Supported by our in-house Chartered Engineers/Project managers and specialist divers,

MSL can now provide you with support in the following areas:

• Visual, general, principal and special inspections
• Structural inspections (bridges, culverts, weirs, lock chambers, quays, jetties)
• Underwater inspections (wading, diving, scanning, CCTV)
• Underwater inspections pre, during and post construction
• Scour inspections
• Post flood event inspections checking against baseline inspections
• Non-destructive testing
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections
• Emergency underwater inspections
• Experienced Health and Safety Professionals

Introducing MurphyUAV

In our continued efforts to provide the highest standard of excellence and innovation in our services, Murphy Surveys have introduced ‘murphyUAV’. Implementing the latest in innovative technology combined with experienced and skilled personnel, murphyUAV will enhance the Specialist Inspection Services division in terms of how we can deliver solutions.

  • Over 19 years of UAV operational experience
  • Over 2500hrs of UAV experience
  • Very highly experienced UAV operators across various different industries from military to Oil & Gas
  • In house highly experienced engineering team
  • Both CAA & IAA permissions held

Added Value

  • Reduced man hours for data collection meaning cost efficiency
  • Improve the targeted delivery by reducing time used by men on the ground
  • Easier data collection for difficult to reach areas
  • Rope Access utilised when required
  • High wind capabilities, enables fast, flexible and efficient data collection
  • Over 40 years of combined engineering and UAV experience


For all inquiries related to MurphyUAV, contact info@murphyuav.com

uav uas drone survey
Diving Underwater Inspection

Why Choose Murphy Surveys?

Murphy Surveys has over 30 years’ industry experience with innovative nationwide teams throughout the UK and Ireland.
Continuous investment in the most up-to-date surveying technology and staff training ensures our clients benefit from the most efficient, cost competitive and risk averse inspections on the market, while providing the most rigorous standards in detail and accuracy.

With experienced Chartered Engineers to ensure our inspections are focused on the critical aspects of inspections, MSL is a one-stop shop for general, principal and specialist inspections.
Listed below are just some of the projects undertaken by Murphy Surveys:

• Hydrographic Survey & Monitoring at Collapsed Rail Bridge.
• Bridge and Riverbed Inspections for over 300 bridges throughout Ireland.
• Lock and weir inspection along various waterways throughout Ireland and the UK.
• Topographical Survey and Underwater Weir Inspection for a Water Supply Scheme.

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