Partnership with Hansa Luftbild GMBH for Aerial LiDAR Surveying

Murphy Surveys is partnering with Hansa Luftbild GMBH, Germany to carry out high accuracy aerial LIDAR surveys. A helicopter-based LITE MAPPER 5600® aerial LIDAR system with digital aerial photo cameras will be used for acquisition of data and mapping purposes.


Quarry Mapping with Extracted Volumes

  • This flexible surveying method can be used for topographic mapping, DTM & Orthophotography.
  • Significantly lower costs compared to ground survey methods.
  • Increased cost-effectiveness for both small and large areas.
  • Survey data can be provided in many formats, including AutoCAD, Genio, and X,Y,Z.
  • Inaccessible areas of private property or rough terrain can be surveyed without requiring access.
  • Point densities of up to 30 points per m2.
  • Increased data accuracy compared to conventional aerial photography survey methods. Survey accuracies of +/- 50mm can be achieved. The data produced can be used throughout an entire project from Route Selection to Detailed Design.
  • Laser scanning data can be filtered to produce accurate DTM data for areas that are under vegetation or tree cover.
  • Increased speed of survey data capture (up to 50km per day for linear projects such as roads and railways).

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