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Murphy Surveys feature at Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring course, Italy

The 3rd International course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring has been taking place today, Thursday 09 June, in Poppi, Tuscany. This annual course takes place to guide participants on how to plan and execute effective geotechnical and monitoring programmes through workshops presented by leading industry experts.


Among the experts was Professor John Burland who, this morning, presented a workshop which featured a project undertaken by Murphy Surveys, the monitoring of the Mater Private Hospital, Dublin. This project saw Murphy Surveys develop, design and implement a one of a kind precise monitoring methodology to be installed in the MRI room of the Mater Private Hospital. The Monitoring System can record and alarm any slightest movement of the Hospitals medical equipment, e.g. MRI Scanner. The sensors had to be waterproof and medical approved while it had to withstand and work under strong radiation and traffic during Hospital clinic hours.


Murphy Surveys installed high precision monitoring inclinometers provided by Geodata (Austria) and level systems inside the linear accelerator rooms of the hospital basement adjacent to the Metro Stop Construction Site and on surrounding inner-city streets and buildings. This project was completed under close supervision of RPA’s technical department and the Mater Private Expert Panel headed by Prof. John Burland of Imperial College London.


Professor Burland is an esteemed engineer, perhaps best known for preventing the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over, he was also involved in ensuring the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben were unharmed from the extension of the London Underground Jubilee line.



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