Bobby Kerry testing VR & BIM with Murphy Surveys

Murphy Surveys: BIM meets Virtual Reality

On April 19th, Murphy Surveys showcased the introduction of VR [Virtual Reality] and how it can be integrated with BIM at the ACEI Construction 2020 and Beyond conference in Dublin.

Using the Oculus Rift, VR can allow users to get a real-world sense of the scale of a project as they are immersed in a 3D environment, making it feel as though they have been teleported to that place.

The advantages of introducing VR to BIM are endless, with advancements in game engines it is possible to offer a rich, photorealistic and accurate visualization, fly-through and walk through of scenes. Because of the nature of BIM as a 3D environment, integrating Virtual Reality with an existing 3D model is easy, in the future it will be possible with one click to view the BIM model using VR.

There are also other applications of VR, for example the introduction of Augmented Reality whereby information from a BIM or other database can be visually displayed over cameras in mobile phones, tablets, or headsets. This allows users to view important information in the real world instantly.

Services engineers will now be able to view ducts, utilities and related information from a BIM model in real time using this technology. This will mean that finding hidden pipes over ceilings or under floors will become a simple task of pointing a mobile camera in a given direction without the need to remove tiles or floors in the first place and so eliminating the guesswork that can go along with that. Using the same principle, data from sensors can be graphically displayed in 3D over camera displays for heating and electrical systems easily, further utilising AR. The concept of the heads up display can be taken in many directions.

As new, innovative software is introduced the opportunities to link BIM models and VR will become even more efficient, manageable and increase the possibilities therein.

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Image: MC and Facilitator: Bobby Kerr, Chairman of Insomnia Coffee, Newstalk Radio Presenter, Entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den Investor testing VR with our own Alex Macovei.