Murphy Surveys Employee and Surveyor of the Year 2016

Murphy Surveys Award Hard Work and Dedication

We are delighted to announce Murphy Surveys’ 2016 Employee of the Year and 2016 Surveyor of the Year.


Employee of the Year goes to Brendan Gallahue from our Cork Office Utility Department.


Surveyor of the Year goes to Dean Treanor from our Kilcullen Office Topographic Department.


The awards were presented to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our staff and were voted for by all staff and managers within the company.

Both Brendan and Dean received a €750 travel voucher, a €750 one-4-all-gift card and 3 days annual leave!

Through the year we had 4 quarterly winners, who also received a €100 voucher and 1 day extra annual leave. At the end of the year we combined all votes to reveal an overall winner for both categories.


Congratulations Brendan and Dean!