Dublin castle measured built survey

Murphy Surveys, Measuring & Recording Our Heritage

Above image from Dublin Castle, Measured Building Survey of the Record Tower, Chapel Royal & adjoining State Apartments.


August 20th marked the opening day of the 2016 Heritage Week in Ireland. Here at Murphy Surveys we are privileged to say that over our 30+ years of surveying experience, we have played a vital part in capturing our ever changing surroundings.


Geomatics surveyors, traditionally known as land surveyors, play a very important role when it comes to heritage. Their ability to measure and record is vast and extends to the built and rural environments. Surveyors are responsible for recording what exists at the particular time they are requested to survey. In doing so, they create a record that may be used to discern how the area may have evolved over time or how it presents itself overall.


The terms that may be used to define the different types of heritage that exist are quite vast. In essence, heritage includes many things that we all are familiar with such as, but not limited to; monuments, archaeological objects, heritage objects, documents and genealogical records, architectural heritage, flora, fauna, wildlife habitats, landscapes, seascapes, wrecks, geology, heritage gardens, parks and inland waterways.


Many may associate a ‘surveyor’ as being the man or woman with the yellow tripod! Times have changed. Technology has advanced. There are a multitude of techniques that surveyors may use to measure and record what exists with accuracy and precision. It is not uncommon nowadays to see a survey include the use of a drone, Murphy Surveys have in fact recently introduced a new UAV division to carry out such surveys. A ‘standard topographical survey’ is now frequently accompanied by an orthophoto. When combined, laser scanning and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are referred to as scan-to-BIM. This emerging delivery is particularly beneficial in the area of heritage recording and storage of vital attribute data.


To celebrate Heritage week Murphy Surveys are pleased to showcase some of our involvement that future generations may consult, should they wish to appraise the particular item as it then existed in and around the year that is 2016!


rectified photography