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Modern Surveying Services in Ireland

At Murphy Surveys our team of surveyors combine the latest technology together with best practice techniques, to provide solutions to meet the requirements of any complex survey.

For over 35 years, Murphy Surveys have been leading the field offering over 30 survey solutions that can be applied to fulfill our clients’ specific needs.

Our specialities include Topographic Surveys, Measured Building Surveys, UAV and Aerial Surveys, Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D HD Laser Scanning, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Structural Scan Surveys, Geophysical Surveys, Utility Mapping, Pipeline Surveys, Site Verification, Digital Construction, Geodetic, Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring Solutions, Specialist Engineering Services, Hydrographic Surveys, Legal Mapping and Area Measurement Surveys.

Topographical Surveys

Topographic-SurveyFor surveys in road environments, where the dangers of live traffic conditions can cause many challenges for both safety and traffic management, we use a combination of the latest 3D laser scanning and total station technology. By using this method we can not only increase the safety of survey personnel, since they do not need to enter the carriageway in live traffic conditions, but we can also reduce potential traffic disruption as roads do not need to be closed or traffic diverted. The reduced risk and time savings associated with this process will help reduce costs to the client whilst providing an accurate point cloud of the carriageway surface.

For areas that cannot be surveyed by laser scanning and/or UAV technology such as overgrown areas or areas under tree cover, our survey teams can use the latest robotic total stations to provide highly accurate 3D information.


3D Laser Scanning

3D-Laser-ScanningTerrestrial laser scanners employ light detection and ranging (LIDAR) methods to measure 3D coordinates. A motor rotates the laser beam vertically while another ensures the unit turns horizontally to complete a 180-degree turn, a synchronised effort that constructs precise 360-degree views comprised of millions of 3D points.

In live indoor environments, our skillful digital engineering team can use simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) solutions avoiding disruption, mobile devices that quickly and efficiently measure large areas while retrieving the units’ location and trajectory data.

For outdoor requirements, the combination of laser scanners with sensors that observe and record position and orientation allows the mounting of these measurement devices on vehicles, dynamically observing larger scale environments as the vehicles move.

 UAV Drone Surveys

For surveys in large open areas of land, our highly experienced, IAA certified UAV team use fixed-wing UAV technology to deliver efficient, cost-effective data without the need to access land on foot, thus reducing the disruption to land users and livestock, and minimising time on site.

Our rotary UAV technology provides a fast and effective solution to obtaining 3D survey information on site and for adjacent properties without the disruption or inconvenience to property owners. This technology can capture the level detail in a 3D environment that cannot be viewed from ground level, thus saving time. High-resolution orthorectified imagery can be provided to the client in a supplement to the survey data, which can mitigate against delays to the project with questions answered without having to return to the site.

The processing of the survey information from multiple sources is carried out in Trimble Business centre, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and UAV processing software.


Ground Penetrating Radar to Utility Detection

Murphy Surveys Subsurface Engineering Division provides unique, coordinated site survey packages from design inception through to construction completion, offering turnkey solutions to our clients. We can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays and project delays for our clients by using our technical knowledge, training, quality standards incorporating industry best practices. Our non-intrusive and intrusive survey methods include Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Structural Scan Surveys, Geophysical Surveys, Utility Mapping, Pipeline Surveys, Site Verification and more.

We use these varying methods to:

  • inform infrastructure planning and maintenance
  • derive geotechnical properties using surface and borehole geophysical measurements
  • detect buried utility services and shallow voids
  • detect buried hazards such as underground storage tanks and buried pits
  • inform route selection for cable routes, pipelines, railways and roads
  • monitor containment structures, e.g., dams and landfills
  • map archaeological features


Digital Construction

A February 2017 report from the McKinsey Global Institute cited that improving onsite execution, and infusing technology and innovation, resulting in higher productivity in the construction sector. It is now accepted across the industry that the digitisation of construction processes is leading to more efficient work practices. A combination of this digitisation coupled with innovative bespoke solutions results in reduced costs once integrated into project workflows.

Murphy Surveys provide geospatial related services to support Digital Construction and BIM processes. Our Digital Construction team use proven, technology, cutting-edge innovation and a collaborative approach to support improvements in on-site execution and productivity of the industry. This is critical to decreasing the overall cost and risks associated with the project. On a project of any scale, these efficiencies can result in immense savings during the life-cycle of the project, or at the tender stage provide a much more competitive edge.

Why hire Murphy Surveys


Murphy Surveys is fully committed to providing top-class global surveys affordably, through a combination of highly skilled and qualified workforce, and the most utilising the most cutting-edge technologies available on the market. With our vast experience and approach which is client-centered, we understand the many obstacles faced by our clients and offer 30 consultative services to meet any requirement.
We provide continued confidence for our clients with international with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 accreditations. This demonstrates our commitment and dedication to continually improving our business to the benefit of our clients.
We provide over 30 different services covering all aspects of surveying, which include Topographic Surveys and Engineering, HD 3D Laser Scanning, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Ground Penetrating Radar services (GPR), Specialist Engineering, Underground Utility Mapping, Property Services, Monitoring Solutions, Measured Building Surveys, and many more
Quality survey data is the basis which forms the foundation of any project. This information or data will be effectively used by all stakeholders for the entire lifecycle of a project and beyond. Murphy Surveys can capture, produce and manage all survey data on a project and combine it into one common deliverable.
Murphy Surveys have 11 offices in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe and 98% of our 240 staff are masters, degree or diploma qualified. This gives our clients confidence in the scale of our service provision and the highly skilled personnel working on their projects.
Geomatics surveyors offer precise and accurate data to give our clients confidence, reducing risk and costs on projects of any scale.